The war on * happened again

by Raphael Haase

I just watched to documentary “The Ancient Celts” by Monty Python member Terry Jones. It’s not humorous in any way. And it challenges the well known, Roman view about the Roman history. I am unable to check the facts, but it appears plausible that the one-sided history about the Gallic Wars is not the (complete) truth.

Essentially, the Celts seem to have been more decent than the Romans. They had no interest in conquering territories and they were strongly decentralized. Also, they had a lot of gold. That’s why Caesar conquered them. Even more, the society in Rome was less advanced than the one of the Celts. While the Romans still were stuck with the strong hierarchy in families and women being unable to do anything, the Celts had female leaders and there were strong rules that gave men, women and children equality.

It seems to me that the Celts were a more natural approach towards many things. Their decentralized and equality based society is a more sustainable concept. We’re right now in this decade introducing a lot of stuff that they were thinking about already.

The Gallic Wars, according to the documentary, were purely about resources and making Caesar a great military victor.

So this war is kind of similar to the last Iraq war. Just as the Romans caused great disorder and in reality murdered more people for resources, the Americans also causes a lot of mess and destruction in the Middle East. Just look at how many people evaluate the US engagement in the Iraq and Afghanistan as a bad idea right now. Even the Americans themselves are not happy with Obama still keeping troops in Afghanistan [1] [2].

Maybe this is the dawn of another empire. Just because the former one lost moderation and got too greedy. I am really wondering why it seems that every single empire elects so incapable leaders after some time.

Just like big free markets always destroy themselves by building monopolies, it seems like sufficiently big empires always destroy themselves because they live and act too excessively.

So the trick seems to be moderate and decent.

Update: Wrong decisions of the US empire are of course not its dawn, but instead the dawn of another empire.