Too many platforms

by Raphael Haase

Seeing all these mobile phone/tablet platforms at MWC is amazing from a technical point of view. But the manufacturers all don’t want to accept that it’s not gonna be iOS, android, QNX, Blackberry OS, webOS, Windows Phone 7, QT/Symbian and bada at the end. Nobody needs all of that.

In my opinion, they should not even compete for platforms, they could just all do Symbian, android (next to iOS) and be fine. Symbian can take the cheap phones, whereas android can to middle class to high end. And iOS will stay the Porsche among phones and tablets.

Also, many of the new tablets look kind of nice. But a lot is just unpractical (strange gestures, no iTunes companion etc.). Maybe I am biased myself, but many of the “advantages” of other platforms than iOS that I have heard about in the last few days probably won’t matter to most consumers (not being Apple, different screen sizes/colors/, no restrictive Apple App Store Policy).

Instead, most of the iPhone’s and iPad’s competitors are equally expensive, but they are not easier to use. The industry is just copying again and praising technicalities as competitive advantages. They’re mostly just not Apple. Different, but not better IMO.

In their fight for developer’s attention, they all treat developers nicely though. Beautiful women at the booths and good food and the whole day during the dev events. I’d wish though that more people who attend were actual developers. It would be way more fun if there were more actual questions instead of the suits just listening and only few guys in t-shirts participating in the sessions.

Personally, I want to look into Blackberry’s platform and write some basic apps and put them in their store to see what happens. But having been at their developer day today, they could not convince me to really believe in their platform. At launch time, they will not even have their Java SDK ready, but only their web framework and the not so popular Adobe AIR framework.
Their PlayBook has nice hardware data, but what matters to me as a developer is whether people will buy it instead of the iPad and I will be able to make money out of it.