Re(engineering) Chaos

by Raphael Haase

Europe should become an Apple product. A great piece of engineering that is not for everyone.

Chaos can really cause trouble. The most significant trouble lies in the fact that the word has developed a negative connotation. Initially it meant a state of formlessness. The Greek came up with that idea a few thousand years ago. Now it usually refers to a lack of efficiency caused by a lack of discipline. Once again, the Greek are demonstrating that.

I have been travelling around Europe, the more I am beginning to realize that there is no real trouble with the things people are talking about. Like the Euro or having a European Union.

The trouble is with (some of) the Europeans. There is a lack of faith and a lack of dedication. There is insufficient passion for a great system, a great design, a great product. One that works instead of being colorful and available in 27 different flavors that all don’t taste so well. We should think of the Euro, the Union and Europe as a product. Or maybe even multiple products. Be it one or many, each one product must fulfill a clear and proper purpose that works.

There are some countries in the EU which just can’t “frame” their country properly. The real trouble is corruption and bad education systems. The Greek for example have an education system which forces people to take private classes, because the public one is not good enough (even though they are paying taxes for it). That sounds like Windows: You need additional software to fix stuff that Microsoft just did not think of in the beginning. No one is perfect from the beginning. The difference lies in those who learn from mistakes and fix them and those who keep riding the dead horse.

I really believe that most of Europe’s troubles lie in the fact that the European Union compromises too much by trying to make everyone happy with every thing instead of having separate solutions for every one. Many countries in the EU want to be everything. Particularly Germany and France. They want to be at the top of every game that is out there. And at the same time they want to hold on to “theirs”: culture, language etc.

Instead, it would be a lot better if the member states would finally acknowledge that they are in this union now and that it is OK that the French focus on one thing, while Germany does the other and Greece a third, different thing. That would mean that the acknowledge that they are dependent on the others. Like really dependent. That their stuff is not the best of every bread. But that instead, we can trust each other.

In other words: Let the European union be a swiss army knife, a set of tools that each fulfill exactly one purpose, but very well.