Android Devcamp Stuttgart 2

by Raphael Haase

Android is all around… that’s what they say, particularly Google. This weekend I was at the Android Devcamp Stuttgart 2.

It took place in – obviously – Stuttgart at the Literaturhaus, a very nice and central location in Stuttgart. It was a two day event consisting of a more ad hoc style first day with a hackathon and a beginner’s workshop and the real barcamp style second day. While at the first day, I was mostly brain storming with some people about ideas and did not really get to hack anything this time, I learned quite a lot the second day.

I learned about how to monetize apps with ads and also how to increase the number of downloads for your own apps. Luckily, we had a guy from smaato here (I think he was actually just randomly here), who could give us some examples of how they can help you.

Also, Microsoft did not just sponsor the event, there was also great interest in a short intro to Windows Phone 7. Many people attended the session of the Microsoft evangelist. I myself am not quite so sure about Windows Phone 7, because I think it could still be too fragmented (carriers should not be involved in any decisions at all in my opinion). There was also little Microsoft bashing involved. Nice, non-fundamentalist participants.

Another interesting session a little later in the after noon was about how to pitch bullshit to anyone who does not know anything about technology. While it was apparently nothing really know, it was a reminder and a funny nerdy perspective on how to talk to non-technical people. The host of the session asked me to pitch an app about a location-based social realtime bakery finding service and I gave it a try. It was fun!

Finally, after the very hot and humid day, we wrapped up the whole thing. This year, there really seems to be substantially more traction for Android. I still think, it’s a little too chaotic, fragmented and the non-integrated user experience makes it a little difficult to use for many users. But it’s getting better.

Also it’s nice to finally see some competition, e.g. from Windows Phone 7. While I haven’t seen many people using one, I could imagine that Windows Phone 7 could actually be successful in a few years.

The event was really well organized. Plenty of food, a very nice location and great atmosphere. And everything was free. Thanks to the sponsors! Only chance of improvement: More Mate next time ๐Ÿ™‚