Is Discussion a Good Tool to Solve Today’s Problems?

by Raphael Haase

We have a great discussion about how to save the Euro right now and what to debt with financial debt.

It is amazing to see that one political party always comments in one particular direction, while the other always says the something else, yet always the same. Now if both of these parties are influential, i.e. backed by a significant number of people and if both of them have been in power before, how can both of them by right or wrong? That does not feel right to me.

I am getting a feeling that discussing and thinking and planning and arguing about most political topics of today is going to lead us all… nowhere!


What I am saying here is really my personal gut feeling and I can’t yet defend it properly by giving a lot of facts. Just a few observations though:

  • Today’s life is apparently too complex for most people to really judge anything.
  • Trying stuff out appears to be way more productive than thinking and planning too long.
  • The world changes too fast. What works today might already be useless tomorrow.

What I am trying to say here is that running a state is a little like building a technical product, like software. And what I am suggesting is that we should stop making so many plans and stop thinking that much. Instead, whenever we are unsure of what to do, we should simply try it.

So if we don’t know how to fix the Euro and solve the debt issue, why not just try it out on a small scale? Why not do an experiment?

None of the political parties in Germany appear very convincing to me at the moment. No matter what party, it seems more like the personal taste of their members than something that is backed by facts and numbers.

Yes, what I am proposing here is to turn politics into a quantitative, applied, empirical science. Something between engineering and natural sciences. This could help moving it away from an argument that is merely based on philosophy and personal taste of those in charge.

Instead of talking too much in advance I think we should start building and trying things out for a little while to then review the performance and do a lightweight decision based on this experiment.