Focus is amazing

by Raphael Haase

I just finished a 2 weeks intensive sprint completing an iPhone project for a customer.

In those two weeks I worked very intensely on just that one project and tried to do as few other things possible next to it. The effect was amazing: I was very productive. It was a little of fun. And I had little trouble focussing.

In the future I will try this principle more often: Doing one thing for a whole week with full focus.

I think this is one of the best and easiest ways to be productive:

  • Less things to worry about.
  • Less things that you need to carry around and sustain for that one week.
  • More agility: When do you something quick and fully focussed, you can review your results at the end of the week better and decide with more certainty whether it’s a good idea to go further into that direction or change the direction. No more “I did not really give it a try, so I should keep on doing it a bit more” thoughts. Instead, you can act quickly.