Know Thyself

by Raphael Haase

Life seems to be full of complications.

Maybe we’re just making all of them up. Maybe none of that is real. Maybe life would not be complicated if it was not for us who shaped it that way.

Maybe it’s us who are complicated, not life.

These last few days, I had a very important realization about life: The most important thing is knowing yourself.

You can only learn so much about the rest of the world and try to be prepared for everything. But at the end of the day what really counts is in what ways and how fast you respond to everything that comes towards you.

While it helps to study at the university and prepare for things that could come, obvious preparation for things that others have dealt with is not everything. Instead, you need to prepare for things that no one has dealt with before.

It’s like expecting the unexpected. And the best way to be expected for the unexpected is probably to just know what you yourself are.

Even the Greeks had that written on the Temple of Apollo of the famous Delphi oracle.

Know thyself.