Surviving a conference day with a cold

by Raphael Haase

Recently I had to go to the Light + Building trade fair in Frankfurt as part of my current endeavour called HEAVN. Unfortunately, I caught a really heavy cold the days before. Even though I could hardly believe it, I did a few things that really helped me get through the conference day inspite of the sickness.

Tip 1: Keep your nose humid

One of the main problems and reasons that you do develop a cold in the first place is the lack of humidity on your mucous membranes. Fortunately, there is some helping tools available: Many supermarkets or drug stores offer sprays, often with a salt-based solution, that you can use a couple of times throughout the day.

An alternative or addition to that can be sinus rinsing. While it may be awkward to you at first if you have not done that before, I found it to be really helpful and relieving. Be aware though that you need to use clean water and a clean rinse.

Tip 2: Wear as many layers as needed

Staying warm is very important during any illness, especially with a cold. Business attire often consists of clothing that lets your body lose a lot of heat during the day you live in a colder climate. I therefore suggest that you use more comfy clothes like hoodies and wear a jacket or a scarf even indoors if necessary to stay warm. If you don’t, it will only inhibit your healing progress or even make things worse. Functionality before looks is key here. Even if you look like like an Eskimo, that’s much better than being sick a day longer.

Tip 3: Use any breaks to take a nap

In my case, I had to travel to the location by train for a couple of hours. It both alleviates your annoying symptoms for the time you sleep and helps you cure the underlying problem if you use any spare time you have to just take a brief nap.